Dutch Remuneration Policy Notice

This is a summary of the Remuneration Policy (the “Policy”) that applies to Moelis & Company Europe B.V (“Moelis Europe”). The Policy incorporates the remuneration requirements as included in the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht, or “FSA”).

The aim of the Policy is to support the business strategy and promote the long term success of Moelis Europe as well as its culture, where staff are rewarded for deliver sustainable long term business performance, appropriately aligned to shareholder’s and client’s long term interests, while taking into account its results, financial solidity, risks, objectives and values.

Moelis Europe does not employ any staff. Staff who work for Moelis Europe are employed by other Moelis & Company group companies. The Policy applies to any person who is seconded to Moelis Europe (“Secondee”) and only applies to the portion of time a Secondee has been seconded to the business of Moelis Europe under the responsibility of Moelis Europe.

Moelis Europe’s approach to performance management of Secondees ensures that the setting of objectives and individual assessments are set in a multi-year framework to ensure that the long term interests of Moelis Europe and its business risks are taken into account and does not conflict with the duty to act in the best interests of clients. Secondees are not entitled to any variable remuneration for work which can be attributed to the business of Moelis Europe.